When you look at mental health statistics of today's kids, it’s scary and dismal. Depression, anxiety, and behavior disorders are on the rise. The burden on our kids is much greater than when we were young which can be attributed to many factors:

  • Increased performance pressure (sports, education, social, etc)

  • Increased exposure to violence and threats to our safety

  • Social media and the pressure that comes with it

  • Reduced human contact and connection

  • Poor nutrition and lack of sleep

  • And so much more...

For many kids, sports are an outlet. For others, it has become a major part of their stress. Schools are doing what they can to offer support but it’s simply not enough. Work needs to be done proactively and directly so our kids can develop into happy and healthy young adults. Staying current and giving them the tools to cope with what they are seeing, hearing, and feeling is more critical now than ever. That's where we come in.

Our approach is unique and cutting edge. We want to empower our teens and young adults with tools and strategies to deal with the tough situations they face. Thru the Game workshops will involve open and honest discussions with a solution-focused approach. Athlete workshops will be offered in three different layers:

  1. 2-day intensive workshop, for 4 hours total (small group environment with 12-person max enrollment)

  2. 4-week workshops, 75-minute meetings each week, for 5 hours total (small group environment with a 12-person max enrollment)

  3. Whole team workshops which will be customized to meet the concerns and needs of the team (Cost will vary depending on the size of the team and number of sessions planned)


Topics covered will include but are not limited to the following:

  • Inner strength and resiliency

  • Response habits and mindfulness

  • Nutrition and sleep

  • Balancing and navigating technology

  • Dealing with uncertainty

  • Understanding anxiety

  • Sadness vs depression

  • Peer pressure and positive relationships

  • Self-care and balance

  • Creating a positive team culture

  • Knowing yourself and understanding others

  • The power of compassion and gratitude

  • Goal setting

  • Self-talk and the rumination loop

  • Acknowledgment and movement

  • ​Resources and support

Contact us today to set up a workshop for your club or team.