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Meet our passionate team of counselors and professional network.


Kathryn is the founder of Thru the Game and has been working with teenagers for 26 years. She was a 3-sport athlete in high school and served as captain for field hockey and lacrosse. Recently, she was inducted into her high school hall of fame for swimming. After playing four years of division one lacrosse at James Madison University, she moved to Colorado in 1994 where she served two years as a VISTA/AMERICORP Volunteer and coached in several top lacrosse programs including East High School, Cherry Creek High School, and Regis Jesuit High School. She won Colorado High School Coach of the Year in 2016 and Continental League Coach of the Year in 2018. In addition to the high school lacrosse, she spent many years coaching for Cherry Creek Youth Sports and Team 180 club.

Kathryn earned her bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Human Communication at JMU before going on to earn her masters in Counseling Psychology at the University of Colorado in Denver. She worked for several years with high-risk youth in central Denver, before taking time off to raise her own children and start a business to provide protective clothing for kids. Kathryn has her professional license and also works with clients individually in her private practice.


Other accolades include: 2001 Counselor of the Year, Ladies Who Launch 2008 Female Entrepreneur, Department Chair for Boys Counseling at Regis Jesuit, 2019 Educator of the year from CU, and 2020 Cura Personalis Award at Regis Jesuit High School.

Kathryn lives her most prized roles at home as mother and wife. She has 3 beautiful teenagers and a husband of 23 years. As a recent cancer survivor, she was inspired to learn more and enhance her practice. She earned certifications in Mindfulness and Nutritional & Integrative Medicine for Mental Health. Additionally, she completed other courses including: Treating Complex Trauma, Enhancing and Improving Executive Function, CBT for Insomnia, Telehealth and Anxiety, and Therapy in a Post Pandemic World. Kathryn is solution-focused and believes in empowering youth so that they are equipped to deal with life’s challenges. When Kathryn presents, she is able to offer perspectives from her various life roles. Bringing more awareness and education around mental health is her true passion.



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Simone Deloach is a Texas born and raised professional who has been working in the mental health community for 8 years. A self proclaimed fish out water, her first sport, ironically, was swimming. As her love of competition and team activities grew, she became a highly sought after year-round dual sport athlete, throughout her K-12 years, participating in both swimming and basketball. 


Simone dreamed of becoming a Marine Biologist, wishing to save the world "one ocean at a time." However, the moment she set foot on the campus of Indiana University, all that changed. She knew those aspirations would need adjusting as IU and the city of Bloomington, home of the basketball powerhouse Hoosiers, became the place for her. Proudly, the Texas Native led Indiana Women's basketball for four years. And as a senior captain, completed the historic 2014 season with an invitation and three rounds in the National Womens NIT. 


Upon graduating the opportunity to play overseas came and Simone traveled to Langan Germany to assist a well-respected team break a few more records. After injury of a meniscus tear in her knee, Simone returned home to face the realization that "the ball really does stop bouncing." However, all was not lost as her bachelor of science degree in Human Development and Family studies helped guide her to passions in helping others, specifically children and families. Her interest grew and furthering her education in a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Abilene Christian University lead her  to a passionate career and expanded her work experiences. 


It has been four years since graduating from her Master's program and a lot has transpired since her first athletic experiences. Although researching the oceans of our planet was not the place she invested her early years, Simone believes that helping others with their lived experiences is equally as important in the work of saving the world. This time instead of it being one ocean at a time, it is one heart and mind at a time. 

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Kelly Deaton Landen is a National Board-Certified Teacher in English/Language Arts for adolescents and has been involved with education and sports her entire life. She has over 25 years of experience working with adolescents as an English teacher and a basketball and volleyball coach. Kelly played basketball and volleyball growing up when she wasn’t in school or working at her mother’s daycare center. Kelly went to the University of Denver to pursue teaching with a full ride scholarship to play basketball. She Graduated Cum Laude from DU with honors. During her freshmen year, she received the Pioneer Sportswoman Outstanding Female Athlete of the Year and made the NCAA All-Academic Team for four years. Kelly taught and coached at the middle school and high school levels. While teaching, she earned her Masters degree in counseling to add to repertoire.

At the high school where she worked for over 20 years, she began the first high school advisory program in the Cherry Creek School District. Kelly acted as the advisory coordinator for six years, writing and implementing curriculum for over 2,000 students with her team. The main focus of the advisory program was to create greater connections within a school community to support both the educational and mental health needs of all students. Since then, the Cherry Creek School District has started to implement an advisory program in all of their schools.

As a teacher, Kelly has spent a great deal of her time training other teachers in curriculum and co-teaching for English Language Learners, was featured in the district training video, and presented at workshops. She worked in a school with a highly diverse population, including over 50 languages and 100 countries where she became well-versed in diversity, equity, and inclusivity. She wrote and received multiple grants for diversity in her classroom library and received her Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Colorado Education Certification in 2021.

Besides spending time with her own two children and supporting them in their education and sports, Kelly’s greatest passion is working with and educating adolescents in mind, body, and spirit. Ultimately, Kelly believes that what she does through teaching and coaching is preparing young adults for a healthy and fulfilled life.



Arianne Heaton was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Growing up, being an athlete was just who she was and what she did. After seeing Brandi Chastain rip off her jersey after winning the 1999 World Cup against China, Arianne set her personal goal of playing college soccer at the Division I level.

Arianne found herself in Florida on a full ride scholarship for DI soccer at Jacksonville University where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. After starting every game of her college career, Arianne moved back to Denver and completed her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Mental Health Counseling at the University of Colorado Denver.

She finds herself particularly enthusiastic about the field of sports counseling and mental health treatment for athletes and athletic organizations, especially in regards to anxiety, depression, identity development, grief, eating disorders, and career counseling. Arianne has experience working at the University of Colorado in Boulder at the Career Center, partnering with the Athletic Department to assist students and athletes with career exploration. After that, Arianne took a job as a Primary Therapist at the Eating Recovery Center of Denver, an IP/RES/PHP facility that offers a full spectrum of eating disorder treatments for adults.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Arianne encourages a wellness based approach- balance of physical activity, nutrition and sleep, time management, and mental well being, which allows individuals to nurture their own personal health. In her spare time, Arianne enjoys being outside golfing, gardening, fishing, skiing, and checking out the local coffee shops and Colorado breweries.




Abdrahman Khaled Saad born in Reading, PA and raised in Adamstown, PA. Being a three-sport athlete in high school (football, wrestling, and track & field) helped him learn about the attitudes and different mindsets of being successful in each sport as both and athlete and a leader. Having coaches that supported him like a second father, he learned about values and how sport was not the only place to use them.

His high school throwing coach, Scott Krall, was the first coach that taught him the skills of imagery and mediation in sport. His passion for the sport, along with the mentality behind it, pushed him to become a collegiate thrower at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. While being at Kutztown, he learned how to balance being an athlete, student organization leader, fraternity member, all while working as bartender. Majoring in psychology with a minor in sociology, his interests gravitated towards human development and sports behavior. With the opportunity to enroll in a Sport Psychology Class, he grew fond of the concepts surrounding performance. Graduating with honors, he continued his education at the University of Denver, earning his master’s in Sport & Performance Psychology.

While at DU Abdrahman served as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion chair. His goal while in this position was to enhance the accessibility of resources to help others learn about cultures. During his program, he held 5 internships working with populations of many ages and abilities. From Adults in High-Risk, to middle and high school teams, individual, and adaptive sports. Working as a coach at Redline, he learned to incorporate mental skills from both a coach and consultant perspective. Expanding his knowledge on the science of exercise.

He continues to pursue his hopes of serving youth, being an educator and mentor. As a Mental Performance Consultant, he values the integration of physical well-being and mental fortitude. He works with athletes to develop their toolbox to manage the stressors that come their way. While helping them learn to enjoy the growth process through all the highs and low of skill acquisition.

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