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Don't take our word for it...

"My wife and I thought you were awesome. As family physicians, we have both been exposed to numerous behavioral health lectures, podcasts, articles etc.. over many years. Your straightforward approach and clear communication style was as good or better than anything we have heard. We agree that our young people are facing huge challenges. Your strategies and input can help. Our biggest suggestion is that your reach needs to be broader and voice louder. Mental health is such a challenge!"

"Thank you for all the workshops you have offered 180 families. It has been a tremendous boost for our daughter. The friendship session really stands out of all of us. The conversations have been critical at a time when now more than ever we must prioritize mental health. Our family is grateful for the support."

"I loved the fact that you mentioned that your goal was to provide the students you work with the tools to cope. Being ex-military and a strength coach, it drives me insane that we as parents (seems like we all do it), try and protect ours kids from everything rather than giving them the tools to cope. I know for me, I want my daughter to be able know how to handle things when things get sideways. Or at least be better prepared to handle them by finding a solution rather than an excuse."

"I appreciate the meeting you hosted with the middle school parents. It was incredibly beneficial and insightful. It helped connect all the dots and provided me with tools and common language to navigate things with my daughter. I always love programming like this and am always learning as a girl mom so welcome anything and everything!"

"I love the idea of asking how they would like to be handled when they are upset. I also am going to have both kids make the pie chart to see how they see themselves spending their time."

"At a time where life is really less scheduled for them in terms of going to school, this would be so helpful."

"Wanted to start by thanking you for taking the time to host the zoom call - so informative and helpful. You are a gem!"

"You presented these issues in a very down to earth, approachable way. It is very refreshing to hear such a pragmatic approach to these issues. The tips and tools you provided to talk with our children are spot on."

"We wanted to let you know how much our daughter enjoyed the workshops. She felt so comfortable and she trusted and respected the group and conversations. She always looked forward to attending and thought you did a wonderful job. It brough her closer to a different set of teammates and was so helpful to learn her teammates struggle with similar things and good to have solution options. Thanks for covering topics that are challenging for this age group and doing it so gracefully. Looking forward to more workshops."

"We found this to be invaluable for our daughter. And at such a critical time. Thank you! We would welcome any additional programming in the future for sure."

"Thank you for a fantastic 4 sessions’. This has been extremely helpful and the small group setting was helpful as well. It really allowed the girls to have a chance to speak and be heard. She loved it and I think that the idea was great to do this, especially during these trying times for these kids. Let me know what the next steps are if you are going to do more."

"Thank you so much for working with the girls. Our daughter has really enjoyed the workshops and would be interested in doing more sessions in the future. Thanks for your investment in the girls!"

"Thank you, Kathryn, for taking the time to work with the girls. Our daughter told us that she really enjoyed these sessions and would be interested in additional programs like this. We would definitely be interested in additional sessions!"

"Our daughter absolutely loves your workshop and is wanting even more! Please keep us posted!"

"Sending a quick note to let you know that our daughter has really enjoyed the workshop you are hosting. Hopefully we will be able to continue these types of activities going forward."

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