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Learn about workshops, training sessions and topics covered.

Program Descriptions

Our 360 degree approach to the mental health takes into account an entire support system, including the parents, the coaches, the team and, of course, the athlete. Workshops can be held on location where teams are practicing, in local parks, or virtually. All workshops, trainings and webinars are facilitated by our professional counselors and will address a broad range of mental health topics based on the needs of the group or team, or driven by current mental health trends or concerns. Pricing will be determined after a needs assessment is completed. Please contact us so we can create a custom program for your athlete, team, or staff!

Athlete Workshops

We have two types of Athlete Workshops: an intensive 2-day workshop consisting of two 2-hour sessions or a 4 week workshop consisting of four 75-minute sessions. These workshops are tailored for a small-group environment with the intention of working through topics in a safe space while promoting meaningful and personalized growth. These typically are limited to 10-12 per group for effectiveness.

Team Workshops

Team workshops are designed to build connection and awareness that will strengthen the synergy of the team. We will tackle tough topics head-on, and with the support of teammates to navigate issues or concerns. By working as a group, our goal is to help promote selflessness and lay the groundwork for effective leadership on and off the field. Team workshops can be facilitated for up to 25 athletes. We can also be creative with larger groups as needed.

Coach Training

Coaches are challenged with much more than the sport nowadays. During coach training, we provide education and tools to create a healthy team environment for all. We will cover necessary information that coaches need to support their athletes while also creating healthy boundaries. We will equip coaches with resources so they don't feel like everything is put on their shoulders. By addressing mental health, athletes are more likely to thrive in their sport AND personally.

Online Parent Webinars

These remote workshops are a much needed resource for parents of athletes looking for the tools to help their kids navigate today's struggles. We cover current teen challenges and topics, along with communication strategies to address the topics. In addition to the education portion, we have plenty of time for Q&A and discussion. This format allows for camaraderie and connection for parents, who don't often have the time or space to connect with one another. The fee includes participation for one family in a group online session. Anyone is welcome in these sessions, and there is no need to sign up with a specific team.

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