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October 12, 2018



Youth sports are at the pinnacle of popularity and intensity, and it’s easy for parents and coaches to get wrapped up in the game as we get excited and emotional during competition; but at the heart of youth sports is young people who just want to have fun and sometimes experience overwhelming pressure to perform beyond their capacity. Raising Young Athletes, published in October of 2018, addresses all of the nuances of how parents can be the best participants in their child’s athletic experience.

This parent guide walks readers through the four pillars of athletic success: values, sense of self, ownership, and perspective in the first chapter. Chapter two looks at the five obstacles to athletic success: overinvestment, perfectionism, fear of failure, emotions, and expectations. Parents can evaluate their role in youth athletics, delving into the needs and needs of parents and children along with forced and guided participation in chapter three. Chapter four helps parents understand what messages they are sending to their players in sports culture. Finally, chapter five provides the do’s and don’ts for healthy parental involvement.


Sports are an amazing environment in which to raise children. The benefits they gain from athletic participation are many, including physical, personal, and social. Yet, there is also a dark side to today’s youth sports culture, as an emphasis on winning has made what was once fun become a burden for many young athletes. As a result, parents can’t always be certain their children’s athletic involvement will be safe and enjoyable.

In Raising Young Athletes: Parenting Your Children to Victory in Sports and Life, Dr. Jim Taylor—an internationally-recognized authority on sport psychology, child development, and parenting—offers a guiding hand to help parents ensure their children’s sports participation encourages positive attitudes and promotes healthy developments as they move toward adulthood. The role of parents in shaping their children’s sports experience has never been more important, and Dr. Taylor shows parents how to send the right messages to their young athletes with clear and practical advice.

Whether playing sports just for fun or with aspirations to play professionally, Raising Young Athletes helps parents steer their children toward a healthy, positive experience. As such, their participation will become an impactful part of their lives that will prepare them to be victorious both in sports and in life.

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