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June 8, 2021



A growth mindset promotes open-minded thinking that helps overcome any challenges or obstacles that people face on a regular basis. It’s the belief that most things are possible given the approach you take. People with the growth mindset make mistakes without judgement and turn them into opportunities. The Teen’s Growth Mindset Workbook provides exercises to create new habits the “reshape restrictive beliefs” to promote constant growth.


Learn to tackle any challenge with growth mindset activities for teens


Being talented and successful doesn’t mean doing everything perfectly; it means believing that intelligence and personality can always change and grow! The Teens Growth Mindset Workbook inspires that belief with interactive exercises and bite-size advice written just for teens. They’ll learn how to feel confident, bounce back from tough breaks, and take on new adventures with a growth mindset.

Dive into a growth mindset for teens:

  • Home, school, and beyond―The activities are organized into chapters focused on the different parts of a growth mindset, from staying focused and organized to communicating effectively and being kind.

  • Discover inner strength―Explore quizzes, questions, and prompts that teach flexibility and curiosity, empowering teens to change the way they think and see how capable they are.

  • Real teen experiences―See growth mindset skills in action with stories about other teens and how they solved problems by staying positive and adaptable.


This journal gives teens the tools to feel strong, positive, and excited for the future.

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