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July 13, 2021



Having decades of implementation in therapeutic settings, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) has evolved significantly and is now a widely accepted practice for both professionals working in mental health and others in education, business, and various other industries. Over the years, more and more people have utilized the concepts to improve and maintain a more positive outlook on life and higher day to day functioning. With the ability to use different methods and activities, tailored to each individual, the idea of The CBT Workbook for Mental Health introduces readers to understanding Cognitive Behavior Therapy in chapter one, growing self-esteem and self-acceptance in chapter two, strengthening relationships in chapter three, managing stress, anxiety and anger in chapter four, letting go of guilt and shame in chapter five, and coping with constant cravings in chapter six. This workbook supports adolescents through adults and benefits anyone looking to improve their game, in everyday life and in athletics. While CBT is known as talk therapy, this book focuses on the interaction of writing about our experiences to better our lives.


Live more positively with simple exercises based in cognitive behavioral therapy.

Not every mental health struggle involves a life-altering event or an official diagnosis, but that doesn’t mean it can’t take a toll on your life and happiness. The CBT Workbook for Mental Health shows you how to cultivate your sense of calm and confidence through the power of cognitive behavioral therapy. With expert advice, you’ll learn how to use CBT to bounce back from tough times―no matter how big or small.

This CBT workbook features:

  • Specific solutions―Build a range of coping skills with chapters devoted to common issues: relationships and communication, anxiety, anger, stress, guilt, shame, cravings, and self-esteem.

  • Simple exercises―The prompts and exercises in this CBT workbook only take between 10 and 30 minutes, so you can find time to practice them even on your busiest days.

  • CBT for everyone―Discover how CBT works and what makes it so popular, with a range of exercises that help improve general emotional wellness.


Learn the skills to maintain your inner peace and emotional well-being every day with The CBT Workbook for Mental Health.

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