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June 6, 2021



Daily habits form lifetime success when we focus on relationships, self-care and improvement. Making small changes daily greatly impacts emotional, physical and mental well-being. User friendly and easy to implement, each day teens can form life-changing habits to overcome any challenges.


Small steps to help teens build a foundation for success

There’s no action too small when it comes to creating better habits. For teens looking to boost their grades, make a new friend, or save money for something special, forming healthy habits is the key to success both right now and in the future. Mini Habits for Teens shows them how to build good habits that stick, with easy advice for practicing little, everyday changes that help them work toward their goals one step at a time.

  • What is a habit?―Learn the science behind what mini habits are and the three steps for turning positive behavior into something that’s easy to do consistently.

  • Home, school, and beyond―Discover how different habits can affect all areas of life, including health, relationships, social skills, and academic achievement.

  • How habits can help―Experience the ways that mini habits like a regular sleep schedule or an organized studying style can make every day feel easier and more rewarding.


Develop the little skills that create a sense of confidence and achievement with Mini Habits for Teens.

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