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August 11, 2020



Mindfulness has been proven to improve mental wellness for everyone. This workbook targets teens by explaining the value of mindfulness and then giving a large variety of situations in which staying present and using breathing, writing, focus and movement to address life issues that adolescents experience every day.


Build focus, boost attention, and stay calm with activities and strategies based in mindfulness for teens.

Between friends, school, home life, and everything else going on, life can be overwhelming during your teenage years. But practicing mindfulness for teens can help you keep your cool, stay focused, and be present in any situation―even the difficult ones.

The Mindfulness Workbook for Teens is full of exercises, strategies, and meditations to help you practice mindfulness so you can cultivate peace and achieve balance in your life no matter what’s going on. Learn practical methods for mindful test-taking, moving through strong emotions, navigating relationships with parents and peers, and much more.

This engaging workbook about mindfulness for teens includes:

  • Mindfulness 101―Learn about what mindfulness for teens is (and isn’t), the changes that are happening in the teenage brain, the power of staying present, and beyond.

  • Real-life scenarios―See how mindfulness for teens works in real life with strategies that are built around real situations you might be going through, like stress about your grades, the pressure to fit in and be liked, and more.

  • Room to reflect―Get plenty of space to write about your experiences while you’re completing the activities so you can reflect on your growth.


Navigate your teenage years with a calm and focused perspective―these practical tools and exercises based in mindfulness for teens will show you how!

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